Monday, March 31, 2008

Xenophobia?'s "Word of the Day" is: xenophobia: fear or hatred of what is strange or foreign.

While in Sri Lanka, we visited a Buddhist temple located on an island that could only be reached by boat. It was the most moving and amazing day I have had in decades. This boy took my breath away. I have more photos of him smiling and laughing with the other boys, but in this particular moment he was holding the Tripitaka, the Buddhist holy book.

His respect and solemnity while handling the Tripitaka was complete and honest.

Which brings me to the above word of the day. What is there to fear or hate?

This week we will be launching "Expressions of Independence" at the Mona Bismarck Foundation. The exposition features 60 Sri Lankan artists and celebrates 6o years of the independence of Sri Lanka.

We're all very excited to have the opportunity to see a few of our Sri Lankan friends and get wrapped in our saris for the vernissage evening. None of us is xenophobic, I assure you!

Live and let live...

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