Sunday, February 8, 2009

You just keep me hanging on...

Had to do a fast shoot of hangers for a website I'm working on... It got me to thinking of all the junk that just accumulates so innocently at first, and then all of a sudden, BAM! There's a pile of crap you really don't need, but aren't sure of what to do with. "I might need it for something someday".

I'm here to say bullshit on that!

Last August I emptied my bedroom. I took everything out and reamed in a BIG way. All those size 10 jeans, 80s suits (think serious shoulder pads), and shoes that were either worn out or never worn at all; no mercy! Boxed, bagged or binned! Gone! Bye-bye!

With that ream came a bunch of dry cleaner hangers. Those wire nasties that conjure up Mommie Dearest... I had them. Lots of them. I had planned on bringing them back to the dry cleaner so she could recycle them, but never got that far in the out-the-door process. So, they hung around. Gathering dust. Until today.

Today, they came in handy. Tomorrow, they go back where they came from. Fitting, eh?

Set me free!

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