Monday, November 9, 2009

What do you want from life?

My answer to that is to always hold my muse close. The creative spark and all that goes with it, when it is elusive, is frustration to the extreme. It has been way too long; writing, shooting, designing... I finally feel free to express again. And, THAT, was the whole reason to start this blog... to give me a place to get my yayas out.

This past year has been shit on shit. One thing after another. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. Take a look at how many posts I have made these past months and read them. Seriously... read between the lines.

Well. What happened? What turned it around? Without giving it all away... Me. I happened. I needed to practice what I preach. I needed to pull myself up by the bootstraps. I needed to kick my own ass. I'm good. I love what I do. I just needed to remind myself of that.

I need to thank a few people. Alice. Alison. Kathleen. Catherine (for your youth and life before you... AWESOME!). Brad, LYE... UB & AS. I also need to thank someone from the past. Mr Dennis Warner. My high school photography teacher. Apparently, he took quite a few lost souls under his wing and, recognizing a passion, taught us to see, how to look at things differently. And, he cared. One-on-one discussions. He was truly a teacher.

I've recently reconnected with an old high school friend via Facebook. I know, I know... Facebook, again. This was a good friend. To me, he has always been JohnMan. We hung out. It was the 70s. We were all young, we got high, we laughed a lot. We had a good time. He was also another student of Mr. Warner's. He's now an excellent photographer in his own right. Through brief conversations, he told me he was doing a show in Maine and would I be interested in contributing a few of my photos? He saw my Sri Lanka photos (see side bar). No hesitation. Yes. The proceeds will go to the local Good Shepherd Food Bank.

If you happen to be near the CMMC, Central Maine Medical Center, stop by and visit the Annual Craft Fair on High Street, Lewiston, Maine on November 20th from 8am to 4pm. Take a few minutes to look around. Say hi. And, even if you don't buy a photo, consider dropping a buck or two in the can. Hard times; a simple gesture can make it better.

I still have a lot to go through. Legal BS... meh. The courts will decide. I have some big, fat decisions to make. BIG. FAT. Can anyone say crossroads? Rebuilding my foundation is my top priority right now. My passion has always been networking and friends. And real, true friends, will always be there, no matter. This has been a reflective year. Thank you, my friends, for being there. Really. You made a difference and one day, I hope I can give it back.

How to end this one? No question! :-)

Or, a baby's arm holding an apple...


Starman said...

I hope things will turn a brighter shade of good for you.
I tried to find you on Facebook but I'm still not sure that I did.

Unknown said...

Great post, always thinking of you. I know this will be a fabulous year ahead for you, and no one deserves it more...maybe me, but whatever- I would share with you :-)

QBParis said...

Gros bisous, Tobi! I love you! :-)