Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot, sexy men...

Yeah... I thought that would get your attention!

I've been reading all the blogs that Blogger pushes, plus a few that I particularly like (see sidebar) and it seems they get a lot of hits when they include photos of hot guys; dressed, semi-dressed, undressed, as you wish... oldies in their prime, youngsters in their glory... Let's call it what it is. Beefcake. Back in my Flight Attendant days it was, "Cheesecake, 4C"... Yes. We did that. Where do you think the phrase "coffee, tea or me" came from?? Not all of us were brainless, and we were definitely not blind. Amen.

Take a good look at this particular ad (...sigh...if only...go ahead... "Click to enlarge!"). I am sure the geek guys meant well with their text. It is so inviting... "Add to cart"... Can I??? OMG!!! Thank you!!!! What I would really like to know is.... just how much IS that additional service to "See it Mounted"? 'Nuf said.

I am woman, hear me roar.

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