Monday, June 9, 2008

Ramble on...

"This election is a turning-point election. And it is critical that we all understand what our choice really is. Will we go forward together, or will we stall and slip backward?"

I watched Hillary Clinton's speech on Saturday and I had to hold back a tear or two. In August 1992, as I was preparing to leave the US to live in Paris, France, I watched the Democratic Convention. It was the first time I was ever fully engaged by what was going on politically. I can still hear Fleetwood Mac's song, "Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow..." and I remember the energy that Mr. Clinton exuded in his speech. For me, it was a moment in my life I will never forget. There was hope in the air and there I was, on my way across the pond.

In the years that passed, Bill brought a lot to the international stage, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Whatever his transgressions (honestly), he held the country together. I don't know why he never got behind Al Gore during his run... although Al is way cooler now with the global warming issues.

Then, we got W.

I worked for a non-profit American association through both those elections. I can't tell you about the depth of depression that was felt and expressed by many who called or came through the office doors. His record speaks for itself.

The photo above was taken of my TV screen during Hillary's exit speech. It was at the point where she spoke about her mother's generation and her daughter's future. Then she said, "Let us resolve and work toward achieving very simple propositions: There are no acceptable limits, and there are no acceptable prejudices in the 21st century in our country."

We now have a chance to bring some hope and change to the country and its perception on the international front. In the next coming weeks we'll see what the ticket brings... whoever it is, it can only be better.'s the time, the time is now...

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