Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The way you do the things you do...

Gotta love Facebook. I know, I know, enough already, but... dig this! Just in today's posts I learned about restitution, retaliation and resurrection! Might I add [sic] for all?... Enjoy!

Restitution Q:
OK fellow FB'ers....anyone have an Ipod Guro who can rehab a rain-soaked Ipod?

Restitution A:
"Turn it off immediately. Put it in a bag of dry rice. Put the bag in a warm spot. VoilĂ !"
"ouch! then to reboot - hold down the menu button & center button at the same time for 10 seconds."
"DO NOT turn it on until dry (1-2 days in the rice). Water and circuit boards don't mix."

Retaliation Q:
?? "is figuring out how to retaliate. there's this long-running feud with her upstairs neighbor. he just broke out a saxophone and it sounds like he hasn't played it in a decade. he can barely blow a clean note. should ?? (a) make the dog bark, (b) get out her violin, (c) get out her irish tin whistle, or (d) bang on the ceiling with the broom handle?"

Retaliation A: (lots of them!)
"...we generally bang on the ceiling. And last weekend, early in the morning, we turned the speakers up towards the ceiling and blasted the stereo!!!"
"Make the dog bark while banging the violin on the ceiling. Save the whistle for later."
"No, no, no. Don't fight fire with fire. Call him up and tell him you think the sax is so sexy."
"Play the violin badly, if you can, and hopefully the dog will bark along with you."
"(e) All of the above...simultaneously."

Resurrection Q:
?? is asking "for help for our new worship service: anyone got any good resources (web or print) that have great assurances of pardon that will work for a more post-modern service? Or if you don't have resources, what would you want to hear about God's grace?"

Resurrection A:
""One fact remains that does not change: God has loved you, loves you now, and will love you always. This is the good news that brings us new life." It cites Women and Worship and is from the New Century Hymnal (we refer to it as "assurance of God's forgiveness" in our order of worship). I also like many of the resources found at Outside the Box prayers."
"Seriously, something from your heart, if you have to chunk this in, and have to follow Is. 6, do it completely from your heart...the key is for it not to be a formula...but then again, is Is. 6, the only way to see the modern style?"
"hehehe, i love that you're working towards a more "post-modern" service"...

You make my life complete...


Starman said...

Rice does have amazing absorption abilities. Maybe I should breakdown and join Facebook just to reply to the stupid religious jerks.

Anonymous said...

is Facebook a new religion?

QBParis said...

More a virtual water cooler for work-at-home and deskbound types... :-)