Thursday, June 12, 2008

And the winner is...

So, without singing anything from Janis Joplin at all, Amandine won Nouvelle Star. Although, it was a bit strange, you'd think she would be ecstatic about it... but her reaction was very low key. Maybe she felt bad that Benjamin didn't win?? Hopefully, she'll get used to the fame, work on her diction and put out a decent CD. Looking forward to seeing what she does over the next year.

My friend Kim over at Parisian Events was rooting for Benjamin, as she calls him, 'Benji'... see how I segued into that shameless plug? :-) She cooed about his James Dean good looks and suave style... I just wanted him to move the arm that wasn't attached to the microphone! What's next for hot summertime French TV viewing? Koh-lanta! Oo-la-la!!

Today was another long day at the computer, so I will call it an early night and spend some time with my son. Most likely, he's watching something on his laptop, which will leave me in bed early with a good book. With the temperature currently at a stormy 60F, it's great sleeping weather!

I love Paris when it fizzles...!

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Anonymous said...

Well, her reaction was to go cry inside a truck, outside the studios - as reported by a newspaper.

It must have been an incredible tension suddenly released, for someone like her is like winning Thermophilae's battle.

This is what happens to the rare people who don't act like a clown but who live their true feelings and who give everything to their art.