Monday, April 7, 2008

April in Paris...

...and it's snowing! Again!

Okay, so it doesn't last long, it'll never stick and it ain't nothin' like a spring blizzard in NY, but it is still pretty! Took this shot off my kitchen balcony with the Nokia. As I was shooting it a kid who lives in one of the other buildings stopped and was catching snowflakes on her tongue. Simple pleasures!

James Taylor was great last night, sang so many of his hits and had a few new songs from his "One Man Band" CD. He was accompanied by Larry Goldings on piano and "keys"... very warm and intimate evening.

Tonight was the vernissage with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Paris at the MBF. It was so nice to be with everyone involved with the show. Stay tuned for future contacts and connections! Met some very nice people!


PS, HB AG! :-)

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