Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The soft white underbelly...

More shameless plugging... :-)

On our next to last day in Sri Lanka, we visited a turtle hatchery. The owner told us that while he survived the tsunami, he lost his parents and his home. He showed us his scars, and the scars on the surviving turtles. He also showed us how, through the goodness of strangers, he was able to rebuild his turtle hatchery.

The turtles shown here are alive... he explained that the bellybutton is how you can tell how old the hatchling is. The one on the right is newly hatched. The middle guy is one-day old, as is the one on the left. He had piles of eggs marked out with dates and breed, waiting for them to hatch.

We're ready to hatch this show... nice segue, eh? There's always the last minute shuffling, but everything seems to be in place. Hopefully there won't be too much exposure of our soft white underbellies!

A demain!

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