Sunday, April 27, 2008

O’ crikey...

...Craig's List.

Well, I went and did it... posted a listing on Craig's List... it's going to cost about 3K euros to get a hotel/apt for 3 weeks. I know I can write it all off, but I'd rather spend the money enjoying the pleasures of NYC and Boston.

Dear friends, if you know of anyone who has a place I could use for even parts of July, let me know!! I can be flexible.

I'd really like something downtown... midtown is fine, actually anywhere would do. Forward my blog to people you know! My Swiss audience is up... Quelqu'un at-il un appartement à New York pour échanger? / Hat jemand eine New Yorker Wohnung zu tauschen? How about the Rex Parker readership?? (PS: Merci for the link, Rex!)

Dreaming of lobsters and bagels with cream cheese... Bergdorf's, the Mac store, let's not forget Macy's... Fast yellow taxis with seats that have springs... These are a few of my favorite things...

I love NY! :-)

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