Saturday, April 19, 2008

Google-Konto erstellen

Okay... I apologize for the quality of today's photo... it was gray, it was very hazy and there really wasn't as much going on (that I could see) from my First Class TGV seat perspective.

One thing I have noticed, it is incredibly quiet. I guess I must be used to the city sounds of Paris street noise. It's Friday night here in St. nada peep. Although, I know my own apartment must be rocking with my son at home "alone"!

Good thing is, we got a lot of boxes unpacked, we have a shopping list going and, since everything is closed on Sunday, the lake is waiting to be explored. There is a quaint little walking village nearby, we'll see who is in town and make note for a turn later in the week.

It's late. It has been a long day. (Bon voyage, AG, thinking of you!!)

Gute Nacht...

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