Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh bouy.

So, we tried invoicing today. Didn't get far. Played with Photo Booth instead. Very productive. Seriously. We laughed our butts off! It felt great to cut loose like that...
Heading to a talk on the "Future of Interactivity". I don't know how much more interactive we can get at the moment! More later on...

Back... 10:30 pm. Great talk, excellent speakers, made some good connections. I'll get to the shameless plugging in a moment.
The talk was about the Future of Interactivity. The first speaker, Chauncey Zalkin, spoke about how much technology has advanced in just the last 8 months. She showed a YouTube video called "The Machine is US/ing US". Essentially, with every keystroke we are teaching the machine how to be in tune with ourselves. We live online and off... move over Web 2.0, here comes 3.0! She recommended the book, "The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture Is Reinventing Capitalism".
The second speaker, Silvia Cambie, a journalist, made the point that "people want to create content, not just consume it". We have become "passionists"; we have an interest, we write about it and share it with friends. As a journalist she spoke of the vanishing newspaper, that citizen journalism brings back the "gossip component", much like how the street market in the olden days was how you got your news.
Pauwl Lunow was the third speaker and addressed interactivity on a CEO level. His key advice was "remember why you don't do something as well as why you do!". Pauwl and his wife Lara have a chateau in Burgandy. Alice and I have been saying we need to get away to do web stuff without the regular interruptions of phone calls, laundry, etc... Ideally, we were looking for something within 2 hours of Paris with free internet. We've found the place! Lara was very nice and hopefully we can pick Pauwl's brain over a breakfast or two!
Our moderator for the evening was Bernadette Martin, founder of Visibility Branding. Her book recommendation was, "The World is Flat". She was personable, friendly and made sure the speakers were watching the clock! :-)
Looking forward to future events... time management for the entrepreneur perhaps?
Simplicity is key!

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