Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time flies...

I had a friend here this afternoon, we were talking about her upcoming website. She's an illustrator, primarily for children's books and we have just now found the time to meet... almost a year after purchasing her domain name!

One part of the discussion we had was how our generation, as it ages, will be different from the generation before us, in that we know how to fend for ourselves and live on (off?) the internet.

Ten, fifteen years ago, it was a friend or neighbor who came by with the groceries and pharmacy run. Now, we can go online and order to our heart's desire... anything we want from the internet. Delivered to our doorstep! The mind boggles!

The above photo is me in Hawaii in 1983. I was a young newlywed, working for the airlines as a flight attendant back in the glory days of charter and 7-day layovers... I didn't have a clue that my life would bring me to where I am now. And even now, 25 years later, as I consider my situation, I need to look ahead. To be honest, I still don't have a plan. Crazy, huh? What have I learned? All I know is I need to do what makes me happy inside.

Oh, very young...

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