Sunday, April 20, 2008

Walking on the Moon...

We got lucky last night... as we sat around the new patio furniture, we witnessed the rise of the full moon. From the backyard! I put the Sony on a tripod and hit it every few minutes as the moon rose.

Took today off and headed northeast, following the north shore of Lake Geneva to Ouchy and had a fondue lunch. Then, up a bit more to Montreaux, did a bit of walking around, had coffee and crepes, walked back up to where we parked the car by the Casino and decided to pop in for a quick look. That turned into cashing in some paper for coins and playing a few slots. I came out ahead by 31 Swiss francs!

We then headed back to home base via the autoroute. The scenery here is spectacular. I would seriously consider living here...I really need to give that some thought!

Not much thinking tonight though...we're all a bit tired, so, it will be an early night and back to the boxes tomorrow.

Giant steps are what you take...

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