Monday, April 14, 2008

Shoot the moon...

"Deciding to shoot the moon is a critical decision that can be "make or break"...". This according to Wikipedia.

Perhaps I am at a reflective point in my life where every little decision made now will have a huge outcome/impact later. Much like pregnancy. Lucky for me, that was a great outcome with a bright horizon.

These past few days have been tough... deadlines on several fronts, some timed, some not, but everyone wants it "now". Taxes, deadlines, divorce laywer, stress... this will all be over by Thursday... but right now? Holy crap... Xanax, Calgon, take me away!

My horoscope for today said, "Your frustration level is high today because you aren't as patient as usual. You may be tired of waiting for your chance or maybe it seems like your friends aren't giving you the support you need. If something in your life isn't working now, don't try to alleviate the situation by fixing the symptoms. You'll be happier sooner if you work on changing the underlying cause."

Nuf said.

For some reason, this moon shot reminds me of the illustration of the asshole in Breakfast of Champions... minus the rays. What did I say yesterday? 'The sun'll come out tomorrow?'... NOT! It hailed! Again! Chunks of ice bombarding my geraniums! It's April! In Paris!!!...

Okay. Changing the underlying situation. New song, on a positive note...

Eva Cassidy. Time is a Healer.

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