Saturday, May 3, 2008

Behind bars...

Yup. That's where you might find me next year...

I'm doing the taxes. It's all in French and it's all so damned confusing! I could very well be tapping out next year's blog from cellblock 6.

Dépenses, recettes, amortizations... Cripes, I hope I got it right. FYI to France Gestion: I am an honest person trying to do the right thing! Please don't haul me off in cuffs! I have spent the better part of last week and today entering, finding receipts and invoices, and trying to figure out what they mean by multiple échéances... and how to do it!

This will all be done by Cinco de Mayo for the first approval and then on to the real deal of French Impots.


Thanks AG, for all your input today. A lot less painful with a sidekick! :-)

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