Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mama mia...


I spent my formative years in NY. I grew up watching the tube. Johnny Carson, SNL when it first started, Monty Python, Chiller Theater... That expression was from an Alka-Seltzer ad a way long time ago... The photo is a bit more recent, just a few years ago, and it was the start of the "Smiley Face In Situ" series, still a work in progress.

UB and I were frying up the meatballs for that night's dinner, when lo and behold, there was that face, smiling up at me! (A bit evil, if you ask me!) All cooking ceased as I pulled the pan off the burner and ran for my camera. I'm sure my family thinks I'm a bit on the wacko side, but this sort of left them speechless. "Don't touch that pan!"

All that to say, mama mia, I am booking my NYC flight and hotel. Maybe I should use a catch phrase from another commercial and say, "Cha-ching!".

My only solace in dropping all that dough is that it is Wednesday, and in France that means it's Nouvelle Star night! Yeah! Tonight is song suggestions from the viewers. I couldn't resist and hit the M6 website... and guess what??? Someone else wants Amandine to sing "Cry Baby"! Merci mille fois whoever you are!! We'll see what happens. I may even do a follow up tomorrow! Til then, in the immortal words of Janis Joplin:

"...Seems like the grass always looks greener,
When you're looking over there in somebody else's back-yard..."

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