Sunday, May 4, 2008


There's a certain point of contentment/exhaustion one can reach before it just takes over and lays you out.

I was up at seven this morning, but opted to go back to bed and read for a little while before Brailing my way to the coffee machine. Yeah. Right. Next time I opened my eyes it was almost noon! I haven't slept like that since before childbirth!

Maybe it was because said child spent the night at his friend's last evening? Tax form exhaustion took its toll? Who knows? Whatever it was, it felt great, if not a bit self-indulgent!

This kitty was Hobbes and he has since left this mortal plane. I can still hear his purr and feel the warmth of the afternoon sun coming in through the windows. One day I'll introduce you to Ayo. We had some pretty cool cats in the family.

Thinking of you, UB.


N said...

Random noter: the cat is so adorable.

QBParis said...

Hi Bluefish,

Hobbes was a character... he looks pretty peaceful here but he had a swagger to him!

Ayo will warm your heart too.

Thanks for writing!