Monday, May 5, 2008

’Cause I'm the taxman...

Not a great photo, but I just think it's funny that the Minister of Contributions, the tax reimbursements and the Brotherhood of Pirates are all on the same street. Taken in Ouchy in Switzerland.

The taxes are signed, sealed, delivered and, phew... just in the nick of time. So, to anyone I may have been putting off recently, I just about have a clear slate to start and/or finalize projects. This past week (and weekend) has been spent knee-deep in paperwork and forms. Not my favorite way to pass the time!

In the end, I walked my papers to La Poste and sent them off... passed Fleurs d'Auteuil on the way home and decided to pick up some balcony geraniums. Dear potential apartment swapper... my balconies will have beautiful geraniums for you to water!

That's it for me ce soir... gonna shut down the machine, step away from the box and take a break!

...yeah, I'm the taxman...

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