Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sax appeal...

When you swap out my fab Parisian apartment, not only do you get well-groomed gardens, weird global-warming weather and boulangeries, you get street musicians too! Yeah!

These guys seem to be coming around once a month now... Last time they were playing "When the Saints Go Marching In... today we were graced with "Those Were the Days, My Friend", two fine morsels of Americana music. I tossed them a few euros that I had folded up in a piece of scrap paper and they played their way down the street. Lucky for you, you won't have to listen to my son's back-up burps. That particular special effect is not part of the exchange plan.

I guess this will be my last appeal for a trade... leave a comment! Call your friends! Book your trip!

Play that funky music!

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