Friday, May 9, 2008

If only you believe in miracles...

Miracle 1: I did the walk. It took a total of an hour for one tour around the Hippodrome and lake. The above photo is the fountain in front of the Hippodrome. It was a gorgeous day today and it felt good to get out there.

Miracle 2: With any luck, I will look like one of those water nymphs in a short time. The last time I did this, I lost two sizes in two months without dieting. You know that now that I have started I will do it again tomorrow.

Miracle 3: I had a comment! :-) To tell the truth, it was the impetus of that comment that made me go out and do the walk. Sometimes you need that kick in the butt to say "yes, you can!". Thank you, Earlycreek!

Miracle 4: That nice photo of Hobbes (see May 4) snoozing in the afternoon sun and I had him cruising on the mortal plane...? Apparently, he had a round trip ticket! He's still with us!! I had UB on the phone last night and I told him that someone (hi Bluefish!) thought he was adorable; too bad he was gone. UB said, "Nope he's right here!" Eek! Ol' Hobbes is 19 years old and still standing! Me? I stand corrected.

Miracle 5: Got a great price on a great hotel in Boston through Hotwire. Yippee! I will be spending a few days with UB, AS and TS! We have tix for CSN... can't wait!

Miracle 6: Hasn't happened yet, although I am sure it will...

I believe!

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