Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day...

My mom passed away on December 17, 2000. She had lung cancer. She was diagnosed in May 1998. I racked up a lot of miles going back and forth between France and the US during those two years. We also made a lot of memories.

When she was in the hospital that last time, she asked me if I loved her. I said, "Of course I do!" I just didn't know the depth of that love until she after was gone. There is a lot of story between those lines.

Eight years later, whenever I dust mom's photo I have to laugh because it was something we always joked about. "Don't forget to pick up the frame and dust underneath it!" If you knew her, you'd know the joke in that!

I wish she were still here to see her grandson becoming a young man. She'd be so proud of him. I sure am.

I miss you, Ma.

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Unknown said...

She IS proud of him!