Saturday, May 31, 2008

Many rivers to cross...

I can't get this song out of my head. Amandine sang it the other night on Nouvelle Star and I have had to go to the M6 website to watch her version of Jimmy Cliff's classic and compare it to his... She's good.

The other song playing in my head is "Can't Find my Way Home" by Blind Faith. I have to wonder what is up with my subliminal thinking? At least I'm not seeing a dancing baby!

My son will be finding his way home tomorrow. He has spent this week on a class trip to Cardiff. For all the traveling he has done in his life, this is the first time he's been on his own.

We are cranking up the machine for the next exposition at MBF. Think purple... think serendipity... think Sri Lanka... it is going to be an amazing installation! More details at the end of the summer. I think the part I like best about my work is the beginning of the project... the planning, the sharing of ideas and possibilities. What about this? or that? do you think? No limits.

That creative beginning is a journey in itself.

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