Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hang on...

Wish I could do like Snoopy and just stretch out on top of my dog house. Parties in the building have kept me awake both Friday and Saturday nights. I wouldn't have minded so much if I had had fair warning... I could have dealt with the noise. Frankly, most French music sucks even when it's at low volume. Loud and pounding through the walls, with dancing until 4:30am... no comment.

I did manage to get some catching up done with a few web projects, I finished reading a book, did a buttload of laundry and went into debt booking the NY trip.

Bright side of all that is my life is a little more organized than it was last week. I know where I stand on a few things. I still want to do the 20 minutes/100 items list. Let me know if you tried it?

This week brings lots of meetings for future projects. Time to toss around ideas and get ready for the fall. Let's face it, in France, May is June and June is summer, ergo... nothing will get done 'til October after La Rentrée in September!

Vive la France!

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