Thursday, May 29, 2008

That’s what friends are for...

I have been shamelessly plugging my own blog. I have added it to my email signature and I keep telling people to click on such and such label for this or that photo. Since I have a few photos posted that I really like, I have decided to create a "Fav Photos" label. I'll have to go through the posts to label the shots I like best, but I think it's worth the time invested.

This blog started as a learning project. I know enough about web design and layout to make it look the way I like, but I needed to know how to promote the blog itself. I have learned about labeling and networking the link with other sites. There are a few sites I visit everyday, JimH Crossword Blog is one. Here's a shameless plug for Rex Parker; I get a lot of hits from his site. is another source of traffic flow. How do I know this? I signed up with Google Analytics. Just add a simple bit of code to the html file and watch the data come in!

I am a total believer in networking. I like putting the right people together. I like it when good things happen for friends of friends because they had the chance to meet.

That said, I spent this afternoon with my favorite printer in Paris, Robert Ruscoe. I have known Robert for 13 years and he has given me great advice and little tricks of the trade to help me along in my pedagogical print progress. If you have something that needs to be printed, large or small, contact him. He's bilingual and expert at his trade. Tell him QB sent you!

The above photo was taken during a digital photography course at Parsons School of Design in Paris with Bob Bishop... (pattern, texture, shape.) Bob is the editor of, formerly the magazine, now an e-zine and packed with all kinds of info as to what is going on in Paris. Your first stop to your outings in Paris!

Another Parisian friend, David Sprawls, has something you need to help make your summer tasty! Lt. Blender's Drinks in a Bag! Frozen Margueritas to go! Strawberry Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Mojitos... no problemo! He's got it, you want it! Tell him I said hi! PS: I'll shamelessly accept a bag of Margueritas!

Keep smiling...

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